Sunday, 29 January 2012

Local birding

I didn't get out to do much birding this weekend but I did get to enjoy my feeders.  We got a good dump of about 25cm of snow on Saturday so there was lots of activity, including a new high count for us with 15 Purple Finches. I set up my camera and took some shots through the windows...
Everyone loves Blue Jays...we've got about 20 of them now!

Some really nice adult male Purple Finches are showing up

Female or young male Purple Finch with an American Goldfinch

Adult male Purple Finch

Adult male Purple Finch
Purple Finches are fairly easy to count because the adult males are red while young males and females are brown, so in today's example I had a high count of 6 adult males and 9 females/young males.

This afternoon I headed into Bancroft and took a bit of a detour hoping for something cool.  I found a Wild Turkey at the SW corner of Baptiste Lake in a seepage area and then shortly after I got a quick look at an eagle being chased by a Raven.  I drove up to a clearing and saw a young Bald Eagle land in some trees, at which point I noticed there was an adult already there.  A couple minutes later I was talking to someone and he told me the eagles had been feeding on a wolf kill earlier in the day!  I went back and found what was left of the wolf kill (pretty much nothing) but there were only a few Ravens on it.  That's it!

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