Sunday, 19 February 2012

Another day, another beaver!

I was sitting at home most of the day a little bit sick so no really exciting adventures to report but I did happen to drive by my secret beaver spot and sure enough there was still a beaver there in the same spot as a couple weeks ago.  This time there was also a second beaver doing the same thing.  They seem a bit small so I am guessing they were perhaps born in 2011.  Anyways, they seem to be pretty comfortable at the spot, mostly stripping Balsam Fir twigs.  Here are a few new shots:

You can see lots of beaver evidence in this photo

I wanted to thank everyone for all the shout-outs congratulating me on being the "eBirder of the month"...for those of you who haven't checked out the article yet, you can read it here.  I made sure to get in a jab at all of the holdouts still out there :)

Speaking of eBird, I've been thrilled to see that Ontario is finally starting to pull its weight as far as checklist submissions.  So far in February Ontario has submitted 4177 checklists, good enough for sixth place amongst all states/provinces, and that's behind juggernauts like California, Texas, and Florida....Good work Ontario eBirders! Looks like 2012 should be the year we finally pass BC for the lead in total number of checklists...Imagine where we will be once the 40+ crowd really starts contributing! The site lists the number of checklists per month/per state/province and the site lists the total number of checklists all time per province.


  1. I am part of the 40+ crowd as is BarbWire and that hurts!

    1. Haha, not meant to offend just to point out the obvious discrepancy that exists between eBird users and the demographics of the Ontario birding community...