Wednesday, 14 March 2012

eBird contest contest

I'll cut to the chase.  You're probably about to tell me I put an extra contest in the post title. 


So here's the deal.  I've got a bunch of eBird bumper stickers to give away! I know, I know, you're dieing to know how you can possibly get one, right? Well, I thought I should have some sort of eBird contest to see who gets them.  But I wasn't sure what contest would be best - so here's where the second contest comes in (if you still follow). 

This is your chance to enter a contest to pick a contest to figure out which ten people to give away bumper stickers to.  The only requirements are that the contest has to be related to eBird and it has to be related to Canadian eBird, since I don't want to pay to send the bumper stickers in the mail outside of Canada (sorry Alvan!).

So here's your chance to get yourself one of these babies:
You gotta love the artistic licence I took with this photo..
Whoever has the best contest idea gets a bumper sticker!  Let the contest contest begin...


  1. Oh, feel free to suggest a contest that you are well-placed to win - that's half the fun!

  2. I have a feeling Josh V might want the contest to be "most species reported to eBird in 2012 in Ontario" :p

    Even though I am disqualified I'm going to enter the contest - I'll be back in Canada soon ;)

    How about: greatest checklist to species ratio. Everyone is eager to submit checklists if they see a new bird for the year or county, but some people aren't as enthusiastic to continue submitting checklists if they keep seeing the same birds.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion Alvan, and nice to hear you'll be back soon!

    I forgot to mention a timeline on the contest (not the contest contest) - I'd like to mail out the the bumper stickers before May... (sorry again Alvan)...

  4. Have a contest to see if anyone can post a worse Great Horned Owl photo than the one Ken just put up.
    - John