Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Baillie Birdathon

To donate directly (credit cards accepted) go to my personal Birdathon page and click "Give Now"

For the 16th consecutive year I am participating in the Baillie Birdathon, the oldest sponsored bird count in North America, raising money for bird research and conservation. As usual, I am participating on a team with my Dad and my brother. We have raised about $20,000 in that time and look forward to adding to that total this year.
Our birdathon team - Dad, Ken and I (photo: Barb Charlton)
If you pledge support to my Birdathon, part of that money will go to support the Long Point Bird Observatory and the great work they do. If you’d like to support the Kitchener-Waterloo Field Naturalists, please pledge money to my Dad (James Burrell). Simply click "Give Now" on my Birdathon page to make a donation or contact me directly at
I'll take you birding! (photo: Mark Peck)
INCENTIVES – if you pledge $100 or more I will take you birding for a day anywhere in southern Ontario (if you want to put up with me for a whole day)! And of course, everyone who pledges to support my Birdathon will get a write-up with photos of the day’s highlights. On top of these incentives, pledges over $10 get an official tax receipt for income tax purposes and pledges over $35 get a year’s subscription to Birdwatch Canada.
How about $5 per woodpecker species? Get creative!
I’m also happy to accept per species or other creative your worst! Some ideas for creative pledges are built in bonuses for particular species/combos or pledges per bird family; really the sky’s the limit. We usually see between 130 and 150 species during our Birdathon which we do in the Point Pelee area.
On the birdathon, all species count!
Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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  1. Your blog is very interesting and contains a lot of beautiful pictures. We are very impressed!
    Best regards from Poland/ Michał and Piotr