Thursday, 8 May 2014

Another birdathon in the bag!

The weather looked promising so we started our 16th annual Baillie Birdathon yesterday at 5pm and finished up today at the same time with a nice list. If you want to see all the details, you'll have to sponsor me -> click here to make a donation online or else email me.

I will tell you that the highlight was the Blue Grosbeak that Eric Holden found at the Tip and that we saw "reverse" south three times (and photographed one of those times by Brandon!) but this bird found by my Dad wasn't bad either:
Prairie Warbler

On the 7th/8th I did something I had never accomplished before in 24 hour period - the Vermivora sweep. We found a spankin male Lawrence's Warbler, then in the afternoon I found a Brewster's and a Golden-winged Warbler and first thing this morning I had a couple Blue-wingeds, completing the sweep. Pretty sweet!
Golden-winged Warbler
2nd gen "Brewster's Warbler"

Looks like we're in for a solid four or five days of birding with lots of warm temperatures and southerly winds.

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