Sunday 1 June 2014

Weekend mothing

We had some friends up this weekend and took advantage of their expertise to do some mothing. It was a bit cooler than is ideal but still lots of nice moths showing at the light!
Checking out the moth light
We were able to come up with about 65 species with some nice showy species.

Cecripia (left) and Io (right) moths 
Cecropia Moth is one of our biggest moths
Close-up of Cecropia body
 There's a fun game you can play with moths where you try to see how long you can last with one sitting on your face. It's extra tough if the moth's legs are in your nostril!

But seriously, lots of other fun moths:
Lophocampa caryae (Hickory Tussock Moth)
Drepana arcuata (Arched Hooktip)
Marathyssa inficita (Dark Marathyssa)
Hydrelia albifera (Fragile White Carpet)
Paonias excaecata (Blinded Sphinx)
Dryocampa rubicunda (Rosy Maple Moth)
Pheosia rimosa (Black-rimmed Prominent)
Furcula borealis (White Furcula)
One of my favourites is the Io Moth, of which we had a male put on a good show. Most of the time the big eye spots are hidden but if you scare them they'll flash you to try to scare you away.
Partially hidden eye spots
Fully open eye spots
There were also some day-flying moths out and about this weekend including this Nessus Sphinx:
Amphion floridensis (Nessus Sphinx)


  1. Wow!
    Amazing shots Mike... I'm hoping to do some mothing in NL one of these days...

  2. A terrific post, Mike....thanks for bringing these beauties to our attention!

  3. The Dryocampa rubicunda reminds me of the 80's...BIG HAIR!