Tuesday, 6 October 2015

personal eBird milestones: complete barchart for my yard!

I was very excited to hit two eBird milestones this past month. The first (and least exciting) was to enter my 15,000th checklist:

But the really fun milestone was to finally fill out my eBird barchart for my yard. Here's are a couple snapshots:

Even though we had been living at this place since December 2013 (and of course I was regularly reporting my observations to eBird) there were a couple monthly quarters that I had missed in my first year. I was able to fill those gaps with at least a single checklist on the second pass this year. The result is something anyone can accomplish by regularly reporting the birds in their backyard (or their local park or favourite trail) - it's a pretty powerful way to summarize simple data!

If you want to see the full bar chart of all 165 species I have seen on the yard so far, you can download a pdf version. I'd love to hear about your complete barchart.


  1. brilliant & inspirational. somehow i missed two months of my new home patch this past summer. I'll do better in the future.

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  2. Haven't done this yet, but you've inspired me to start tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!