Friday, 13 April 2012

Good migration conditions tonight

Sorry it's been so long since the last post.  I'm working on a couple things that I should be able to put up on the blog soon...

In the meantime there was a link posted on the Frontiers of Identification list serve for this awesome wind visualization map.  It is a pretty nice simple look at the current wind patterns in the US, very handy for figuring out whether it will be worth looking for new arrivals the next day or so. 

As for tomorrow, I'd say it should be good....! Here's the current windmap (better if you go to the site and see the moving version):

You can see there's a nice conveyer belt of south winds coming right up from Texas and up the Mississippi flyway.

The current radar shows lots of bird movement across the entire eastern US (the green blobs around the radar stations are birds, the blockier yellowish blobs in the midwest is precipitation):

eBird did a good story recently about interpreting weather RADAR for looking at bird migration, check it out!

PS, way to go Ontario eBirders, we're sitting in third place for number of checklists submitted for April (although Texas is catching up)!

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