Sunday, 29 April 2012

More from Pelee Island

Spent most of today again on Pelee Island with Ken.  We racked up another decent list considering the persistent cool temperatures and north/east winds putting a damper on migration.  New birds for me for the year were Sora (Fish Point first thing), Ovenbird (singing at Sheridan's Point), Black-and-white Warbler (along west shore road), and Red-headed Woodpecker (along west shore road).  You can have a look at the full eBird checklist for the day.

The highlight of the day was again one of the Yellow-throated Warblers that have been present since Ken arrived.  Ken heard the second one just before we saw this one at the pump house:

Here are some other photos of actual birds from the island today.
You know it's slow when...

Some nice and close Red-breasted Mergansers today

Ken claims there are "lots" of pheasants this year but I didn't see that many

Decent numbers of Hermit Thrushes this weekend

A few vultures around

A woodcock camouflaged with its surroundings

young eagle

And a few non-birds:
Fox Squirrel

Fair numbers of Question Marks and Red Admirals today

Syrphid to identify...

Got a couple more shots from the plane too:
Middle Point

Lighthouse Point and Scudder

Point Pelee

I'm back on solid land so hopefully things don't get too crazy this week...

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