Friday, 22 March 2013

Free online issue of North American Birds!

North American Birds, the excellent seasonal reports brought to you 4 times a year by the American Birding Association is going digital...

This is great news for a lot of reasons that I won't get into.  Anyways, as a way to encourage new subscribers the most recent issue (which includes last spring's Ontario seasonal summary by Alan Wormington) is being made available for free!!

So check it out and if you like what you see sign up for a membership! This is a great summary of each season in Ontario but also for all the other provinces and states and there are always some interesting articles about bird distribution in North America plus lots of great photos.

Note, there are apparently a few pages missing so be sure to check back tomorrow for the complete version.

Here's the link:


  1. Hey Mike,

    Notice Ontario report is missing a page online page 475.



  2. Hey Tyler,

    They indicated there were a few pages missing but it should be all good by tonight, so check back tomorrow.