Thursday 29 March 2012

March Madness!!

Nope, I don't care about college basketball.

But it has been a whacky and wild March so far and I haven't posted nearly as much as I should have given the weird weather and nature events that have happened.  Here's a mixed bag.

Barrow's Goldeneye in Peterborough County!

This morning I got an email from Scott Gibson that he was pretty sure he had found a Barrow's Goldeneye on Rice Lake.  After talking to him on the phone it sounded promising so I headed down that way after work.  I met Simon Dodsworth and Cathy Darevic (and later Don Sutherland) at the spot where this handsome fella was hangin out:
Barrow's Goldeneye at Rice Lake, Peterborough. March 29, 2012

Anyways, it was a great find by Scott!  Here's the eBird checklist from that spot.  Just down the road from here I saw my first Osprey of the year (and first one ever that I've seen in March!).
Best bird feeder in town?

Here's a look at one of my neighbour's bird feeders, so far this year I've had Canada Goose, Mallard, Ring-necked Duck, Wood Duck, Common Grackle, and Red-winged Blackbird at it!

eBird bumper stickers up for grabs!

I've got some eBird bumper stickers to give away and since my eBird contest contest didn't get much attention here's the deal.  If you want one send me an email ( with your most impressive eBird stat(s).  I'll pick the ten best and mail out a bumper sticker (only mailing to Canadian addresses).  Be creative, I know you want one!

Signs of spring

You don't have to look far (well maybe you will this weekend...) for signs of spring, but I really liked this blooming Leatherwood (Dirca palustris).  They were all in bloom on a weekend walk at Silent Lake Provincial Park

Moving time

In other news it looks like I'm moving again! Almost made it at one place for a whole year...


  1. The Barrow's is a really sweet bird! And the "bird feeder" is awesome! Do they go out there in a canoe or something to fill it??

  2. Ya, I didn't think I'd get Barrow's in Peterborough, at least not any time too soon! I still haven't seen them fill it but I have assumed they paddle out to it...Definitely a good way to keep squirrels away from the feeders!