Saturday 28 April 2012

Welcome to the Island

I made a quick trip down to Pelee Island to visit with Ken and do some birding for the weekend.  As expected based on the weather the birds have been slow but lots of new stuff for me for the year (about 30 year birds in the last two days).  The best bird was one of the Yellow-throated Warblers that Ken has had near his cottage for the last few days.  Here's our eBird checklist for today.  Be sure to check out Ken's blog to follow sightings on the island this spring.

The ferries that normally service Pelee Island are both broken down/ being maintained so right now service is only by plane, which was actually quite a nice and quick (15 min!) way to get to the island.  I took advantage of the flight and snapped some pictures of the island from the air.
View of Essex Sewage Lagoons from the air

Lighthouse Point (NE part of island)
trail at Lighthouse Point (summer)
the lighthouse (summer)
Lighthouse Point from the air (Point Pelee in the distance)
Sheridan Point and the Pelee Club from the ferry a couple years ago
The municipal campground (centre of east shore of island)
Middle Point (Brandon Holden's least favourite spot) in the distance
West dock, where the ferry would normally drop me off!
Fish Point sign (SW part of island)
Fish Point from the air

Fish Point interpretive sign
 And I couldn't resist some Pelee Island scenery from a couple summers ago:
Lightning over Lighthouse Point

Sunset from Lighthouse Point
 And a Pelee Island post wouldn't be complete without a Fox Squirrel from the island today:

 With a little luck I'll have some bird pics to post tomorrow!

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