Wednesday 1 February 2012

latest Ontario ebird stats

Just a short post.  Thanks to Chris Wood at ebird I got some updated Ontario-specific ebird stats that I thought I'd share in some figures.  This corrects the earlier post where I showed the number of ebird observations by year, which didn't truly reflect the growth of ebird since the data wasn't by submission date, which this new data is.  The breaking news is that January 2012 was the 3rd busiest month ever for ebird submissions in Ontario (and probably the busiest if you exclude months when databases from KWFN and TOC were uploaded)!

 Nothing like a little shameless bragging, I'm pretty sure that first peak was at least partially me entering my old data into ebird when I first started.  The latest two peaks are definitely thanks to Kitchener-Waterloo Field Naturalists and Toronto Ornithological Club submitting their databases.
 You can see that 2011 really saw tremendous growth, and if January 2012 is any indication 2012 should also see big growth.
 In this figure I calculated an estimated number of bird observations per year using the mean number of observations per checklist that I calculated with some earlier ebird data.
This last one's probably the most reflective of ebird growth in Ontario since May is a time when most birders should be out birding, not entering their old lists.

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